Our Rewards

We now have a reward programme for our fab customers, here is how you can gain rewards

Simply click on the rewards icon at the bottom of screen and join now or log in if you already have an account

When you wish to gain rewards click on rewards to see what  rewards you can achieve

To redeem your rewards click n the reward you which to use



To refer a friend visit the rewards icon and choose refer a friend, send the referral link to your friend to use and when they order they get 10% off their first order 


You will get an extra 10 points for every £2.00 they spend


SIGN UP   50 Points Create an account on our rewards program to start earning and using rewards

PLACE ORDER   20 Points Place an order through your account and gain 20 points for every £1.00 spent

Instagram Like   10 Points Like our instagram page to gain an extra 10 points
FACEBOOK PAGE LIKE   10 Points Like our Facebook page for another 10 Points

Claim Rewards

100 points get 30% off entire order
80 points Free Shipping
150 points £5.00 off order

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